Roca Partida
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+ Comments Roca Partida - 2010-07-26 12:02:58
Roca Partida is a little rock out in the middle of nowhere. Part of the Revillagigedo Islands, it lies about 70 miles west of Socorro and 85 miles from San Benedicto Island. The tiny pinnacle jets up from hundreds of feet of water. Topside the two points make a comfortable home to the booby birds and gulls who have made their way here. Underwater it is a magnet to giant manta rays, whale sharks, schools of hammerheads, dolphins, white tips, Galapagos sharks, humpback whales, large schools of jacks and tuna, and of course, scuba divers. When the Solmar V visits Roca, the dives are done from the pangas. The view of the rock is stunning, but the smell of guano usually helps get the divers quickly into the water. The visibility is usually very good and the rock is an impressive site above and under the surface. HDR-HC3E
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